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Private Lessons

Benefits Of Private Lessons

  • Personalized attention: One of the main benefits of private lessons is the individual attention you receive from the instructor. They can focus solely on your needs, provide instant comments, and correct your technique in real time. This personalized attention can help you progress faster and identify problem areas more efficiently.

  • Customized training: Private lessons can be tailored to your specific needs and can focus on areas you want to improve such as particular techniques, submissions, transitions or positions. 

  • Flexibility: Private lessons are also more flexible than group classes. You can schedule them at a convenient time and adjust the lesson to focus on a particular area you want to improve. This allows you to fit training around your work or other commitments.

  • Cost: Black Belt $100/hr; Brown Belt $75/hr; Purple Belt $50/hr; Blue Belt $25/hr

Talk to one of our coaches to schedule your private lesson today!

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